Freedom is  beauty: because quality of life is also a spiritual condition.


It is not easy to think about beautiful things when you are forced to live among neglected objects and in oppressive places, and yet beautiful things are not always more difficult or even impossible to obtain. Sometimes we only accept things which are not all that attractive because we are too lazy to choose, rather than due to bad taste.

However, living far from the metropolis and near to the countryside is always a choice, a choice made by Oscar and Claudia, who work in a place which seems suspended in time, but from which they are ready to enter the world and time of now, in order to share in its positive elements.


An artist’s personality, that of Oscar Maschera, which corresponds to someone who loves being with others and sharing with them the things he likes. And sharing them also means making it possible for others to have them. Thus the choice of a distant and skilful “trade”, to be performed with his own hands, creating something concrete in ways which restore past forms.

The artist, in order to execute the objects conceived, becomes an artisan and performs eternal, simple gestures, materialising, in an ancient material such as leather, his and the designer’s abstractions. Succeeding in giving form to ideas, making charming, useful things: this is the magic of Oscar and he achieves it by offering objects which, whilst in new forms, always recall a familiar function.

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