“Leather, robust and soft, which matures with time like wood and wine, like brandy and cheese, is a material which lends itself to a living relationship with the individual and with the things it supports: it absorbs their scent and yields its own. It protects, gathers and changes shape, as it retains something of the life it once had.”

All our objects are made in full grain leather, which is the outermost layer and most valuable part of the hide. It is an authentic, Italian, vegetable-tanned material (tannins extracted from the bark of certain plants such as mimosa and chestnut).

Processing is traditional: it is a process that requires time and accuracy. The leather must retain all of its characteristics and its history. After immersion in the barrels, the drying, dyeing and the ironing, the chosen material is ready to be manipulated, cut and sewn. This is the path the hide follows before arriving at our workshop to be transformed into everyday objects.

Our work is carried out by hand, and it is like the sail for the sailor and the foot for the shepherd. Time in industry is made up of sirens and traffic lights, that of the farmer is marked by the seasons. A craftsman’s time is an invention. The workshop is our favourite place. Time passes quickly, chasing ideas with the hands, just like when we are enjoying ourselves. Our leather objects are created in a positive time: that of care. Taking care is not a quality to add to the task that has already been performed, but rather an essential part of the work. Care is the difference between a piece of craftsmanship and a commodity.