DESIGNER: Nestor Perkal

CATEGORY: Seating / Tables

Bombo, designed by Nestor Perkal, resounds like the beating of an Argentinian drum. Like upturned jars, these pieces represent the successful meeting between leather and stoneware, through the excellence of Trans-Alpine know-how. It is a collection of objects that allow a variety of uses: coffee table, bedside table, tea table or stool. With its reassuring shapes and delicate colours – earth, sky blue, terracotta- Bombo fits perfectly into any decor without imposing itself, ready to “serve”, with simplicity.


Bombo 1
Sizes: d 58 x h 45 cm

Bombo 2
Sizes: d 40 x h 55 cm

Bombo 3
Sizes: d 65 x h 33 cm

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