DESIGNER: Nestor Perkal


Nestor Perkal’s inspiration rides in the saddle of a white horse: a toy seen as a child in a neighbourhood shop window is also the symbol of the story of its people. The Argentines who crossed their country in search of a homeland, food and family, travelled on horseback.
And the saddle of the Caballito blanco is a place, care, support, friendship and rest, all at the same time.
“Come quickly little White Horse,
take me to the land where I was born…
I have, have, have…”
A song belonging to the Oral Tradition (1930-1936) of the rural people of Argentina.
Steel mesh benches with leather, leather and fabric, leather and suede seat cover.


Caballito grande / large
Sizes: 110 x 90 x h 35 cm
1CAB001 Leather
1CAB021 Leather and Fabric
1CAB031 Leather and Suede

Caballito lungo / long
Sizes: 140 x 36 x h 50 cm
1CAB003 Leather
1CAB023 Leather and Fabric
1CAB033 Leather and Suede

Caballito piccolo / small
Sizes: 70 x 37 x h 42 cm
1CAB002 Leather
1CAB022 Leather and Fabric
1CAB032 Leather and Suede
1CAB062 Suede and Sheepskin

Caballito petit
Misure: 40 x 37 x h 43 cm
1CAB004 Leather

Chaise longue
Misure: 185 x 65 x h 35 cm
1CAB005 Leather

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