DESIGNER: Nestor Perkal


The Mathé collection of carpets is available in two shades, “Light” and “Dark”, and in three basic sizes. The skins forming them are assembled, sewn and glued together.
Genuine Italian vegetable-tanned leather in the following colours:
Mathe Light : ochre, elm, sole.
Mathe Dark : khaki, dark brown, wine.

“Using a soft, warm and natural material such as leather to cover the floor takes
us back to ancient times, when animal skins were the main material used for clothing and the home. My carpets are made up of five different forms which are assembled and combined.” — Nestor Perkal


Mathe light
Colors: Ochre, Elm, Sole
1MAT001L 140 x 200 cm
1MAT002L 100 x 240 cm
1MAT003L 160 x 240 cm

Mathe dark
Colors: Khaki, Dark brown, Wine
1MAT001D 140 x 200 cm
1MAT002D 100 x 240 cm
1MAT003D 160 x 240 cm

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