DESIGNER: Oscar Maschera



The Rectangular and Square trays are objects from the Regular collection, made from a single sheet of two-ply leather, a few precise cuts and folds held together with hand stitching. Different sized trays to keep on the desk, at home or in the office, on a bookcase or a tabletop. The two-ply leather allows the choice of different colours for the inside and the outside, with single or two-colour solutions. Colours: orange, white, blue, grey, khaki, ochre, elm, black, red, sole, dark brown, wine.


Rectangular tray 1
Sizes: 33 x 24 x h 6 cm
1REG 041

Rectangular tray 2
Sizes: 24 x 15 x h 6 cm
1REG 042

Rectangular tray 3
Sizes: 24 x 8 x h 5 cm
1REG 047

Square tray 1
Sizes: 24 x 24 x h 6 cm
1REG 043

Square tray 2
Sizes: 15 x 15 x h 5 cm
1REG 046

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