DESIGNER: Nestor Perkal

CATEGORY: Storage furniture


“Countryside just outside town. The subway crosses the city in the dark and comes out on the other side. Tree shadows, a wooden gate swinging in the wind, a black front door. When I went inside, the guests hadn’t arrived yet, there was no-one there. Two pieces of furniture stood alone, in the middle of the room. They looked like the closed doors to unknown worlds.”

Storage furniture in leather-covered wood

Winter buffet
doors clad with blue / wine red / dark brown leather
structure in laminated wood with canaletto walnut veneer
base in steel, iron finish, powder coated

Summer cabinet
clad with sole / ochre / dark brown leather
structure in laminated wood with maple veneer
base in steel, bronze finish, powder coated
leather cladding options: whole cabinet or doors only


Winter buffet
Sizes: 140 x 40 x h 65 cm

Summer cabinet
Sizes: 60 x 40 x h 160 cm

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