DESIGNER: Nestor Perkal


A large mirror, which is never quite the same as the next and neither is the leather used to make it. Each hide, as it reaches the workshop, is hung on a frame/shelf and a hole is then made in its centre to see the mirror. As every hide is unique, so is the mirror.  Genuine Italian vegetable-tanned leather. Colours: orange, white, blue, grey, khaki, ochre, elm, black, red, sole, dark brown, wine. Each hide is unique in shape and size. The measurements are approximate.

“Mirrors should reflect a little before throwing back images.” – Jean Cocteau, Le Sang d’un poète (1930)
“This object has always fascinated me. Is it there simply to reflect our image or is it looking at us? It envelopes us, searches for us, constantly questions us…” – Nestor Perkal


Vaca Colgada
metal structure 90 x 120 x 15 cm
leather 100 x 130 cm

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