DESIGNER: Nestor Perkal


Nestor Perkal’s Caballito Blanco project is expanded by the work of artist and designer, Natalie du Pasquier. She reinterpreted the seat, which was originally inspired by the horse-riding saddle, with paintings that might be found in an art gallery. The ordinary is extraordinary: the subjects of the designs seem to come from distant worlds. The result is a surreal union between the comfort of the leather and the estrangement of the four proposed graphics.


Caballito grande / large
Sizes: 110 x 90 x h 35 cm
1CAB 101

Caballito lungo / long
Sizes: 140 x 36 x h 50 cm
1CAB 103

Caballito piccolo / small
Sizes: 70 x 37 x h 42 cm
1CAB 102

Caballito petit
Sizes: 40 x 37 x h 43 cm
1CAB 104

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